PT. Tuban Mega Global Putri located 100 Km from Surabaya city. Tuban is well known as limestone natural wealth city.

The factory covers around 10.000 m2 areas.

PT Tuban Mega Global Putri is running business in mining sector such as limestone. The material will be processed calcium carbonate that is critically used in daily life.

Company is able to produce 1.000 ton/month and approximately 100.000 ton/year.

Moreover, PT Tuban Mega Global Putri exports production machine (rolling mill) from abroad to fulfill consumers demand and produce better calcium carbonate. Eventually we will have qualified products. It is our hope to crate friendly business and also to give benefits for others. However, the thing with documents created via google docs is that when you publish them online they sometimes look ugly especially if your doc has visuals in it.